How to Choose the Best Chicken Coop Plans?

Are you looking for DIY chicken coop plans? If you already have a chicken coop that is getting too small for your poultry flock, or you are going to start raising your own hens for eggs or meat, the right chicken coop blueprints will make the whole job of building a chicken coop easier, faster and cheaper. And way less frustrating!




Choosing Chicken Coop Plans


Probably one of the decisions you are struggling with right now at this point is determining which chicken coop plans you need. There are a variety of different chicken coops that you can build, but understanding which one is going to best fit your needs is important for getting optimal results. If you spend the money on a chicken coop, it only makes sense that it needs to match your individual needs, so getting started on the right foot is important.

There are some main factors that you should take into consideration before deciding what type of coop to build. The following guidelines will lead you down the right path to choosing wisely and being fully satisfied with your new chicken coop once it’s built.


The first thing you’ll want to think about is the total number of chickens you plan to keep in your chicken coop. The hen house plans you’re looking at should differentiate between small, medium, and large sized plans. Matching the correct size to the total number of chickens you want to keep will help make sure they’re happy in their surroundings. The happier your chickens are in their home, the more likely they will be to lay eggs properly.

It’s always better to error on the size of being too big than being too small, plus then you can always add more birds to the chicken coop if you want later on.

Portable Versus Fixed

The next question you should ask yourself is whether you want your chicken coop to be portable or if you preferred one that’s fixed instead. A coop that features wheels or two sets of handles on either end, brings so many additional benefits. A portable coop gives you the freedom to move and rearrange the chicken coop or even sell it easily if you change your mind about raising chickens in the future .

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a little more structural integrity than you’ll likely be better off choosing a fixed chicken house since these will be built sturdier so that they are able to withstand wear and tear.


Chickens have many predators, and your birds won’t last long for too many nights without cover. Whether you live out in the country, or in a suburban neighborhood, hawks, raccoons, opossums, weasels, rats, snakes, foxes, and even neighborhood (or your own) dogs will be happy to make a quick snack out of your lovely chickens.


Finally, think about the overall appearance of what you want your chicken coop to look like. There are a number of different ways you can build the chicken coop which will impact the overall design of the chicken coop. This will also likely influence the cost of the building process, so it’s something to think about and work within your budget.

There are definitely cheaper methods to build your chicken coop so understanding the different things that will influence the cost is the first step to making a smart decision.

So, be sure you’re factoring these points in as you decide which type of chicken coop you wish to build. Getting the information up front before you start to build will help save you hundreds of dollars over the long run.


What Kind Of Chicken Coops Plans Should You Buy? And How To Choose The Best Plans?



You may be wondering how to even begin looking for the right set of working plans to get your chickens the house they need to survive and produce. Finding the right set of blueprints isn’t that difficult if you know what to look for.

I will give you a few tips and pointers to purchasing your very own chicken coops plans in ensuring that your next project will be a successful one.

  • Easy to follow that make sense from start to finish with complete materials list before you start so you can easily calculate costs
  • Designs of coops that will that keep the chickens healthy, comfortable and productive – predator proof, well lit, dry and weather proof, with good ventilation and insulation where needed
  • Designs that make cleaning and caring for the poultry flock easy – by easy I mean, fast, easy access, with minimal strain on your back, no stooping, with minimal lugging of feed and water, easy egg collection
  • Good simple designs that are easy to build
  • Good Value, lots of good designs for many sizes of flock that can be adapted if you want
  • Money back guarantee if they are no good to you

Learn how to build a cheap chicken coop, because chicken coops do not need to be expensive, it just need to be simple and practical.

What people fail to realise is that chicken coops don’t need to be fancy, it can be very simple and practical. Using affordable materials and a simple design it can work just as well and save you loads of your money.


What About Free Chicken Coops Plans


Not everybody has the money to be investing in a set of chicken coop plans. I totally understand that. I also understand that there are some of you who may be reading this page who have experience in construction. If you fall into either one of those two groups I absolutely recommend trying to find free chicken coop plans.

There is a huge difference between what you can find online for free and what you can get when you actually invest some money into the plans for your next project. That being said, there are a few points about content that you really should be aware of.

Firstly, not all blueprints are created equal. You get what you pay for right? For those who have a background in construction even poor blueprints are usually turned into something pretty fantastic because you have a set of skills that allow you to build something amazing. You could probably even build a chicken coop without looking at any plans of all.

If you landed on this page you are probably looking for high quality chicken coop plans that will help you go through the entire process. I can guarantee you that you will not find high quality plans for free. People who provide quality information realize how much that information is worth and they will end up charging. The question isn’t whether or not you can find high quality free chicken coop plans, the question is whether or not you can find low priced high quality DIY chicken coop plans.

The answer of course is yes and I highly recommend that you jump back up to the top of this page and click through the giant blue link to the website that I have found that has the highest quality chicken coop plans anywhere online.

With high quality chicken coop plans you can usually get step by step instructions as well as materials lists. Materials lists are seriously invaluable. You can usually use that list to price out the type of chicken coop that you want a purchase.

The other difficulty with free chicken coop plans is that they usually were not designed by a professional. A professional who creates blueprints or who creates chicken coops for a living knows that their information is valuable and so they will charge.

If you are a person who has a background in construction or if you are a person who simply cannot afford to purchase high quality plans than I do recommend that you go ahead and try for the free chicken coop plans wherever you can find them.


Build Your Own Chicken Coop Now



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